cropped-img_20170406_053802_516.jpgI vividly remember my very first trip as a solo traveller. I had this feeling that I had never experienced before, it was some sort of a mixture of anxiety, with a dose of fear.  It was much later I discovered it was travel sickness… Lol

On one occasion I was reading I came across the word… And Bam!!! It struck me and I realised its what most travellers suffer from.

Resfeber|The word originates from Sweden. It is a restless state of mind of a travelers heart before the journey begins, when anxiety and anticipation are tangled together; it’s a travel fever that can manifest as an illness.

For me, it comes with a rumble feeling in my stomach, I’m almost screaming for help(inside though). It starts when I’m in the airport about to board or sitting in a bus waiting for it to move. It’s like I should give up and go back home to sleep it off but when I remember all the adventures I will engage in, all the beautiful places I intend visiting, all the food I will get to eat(I love sampling the food of a particular place I’m visiting)  – my nerves are calmed.

Sometimes I experience it much earlier-say the night before the big day. I almost cannot sleep, I toss and turn until it’s morning. (what a feeling…)

So the next time you have this feeling…remember it’s just for a while as it almost dies down soonest.

I bet you didn’t know,  now you know about ‘the Resfeber Feeling’.

P. S; Kindly share with me how you get over this feeling. I would be glad to hear from you.




2 thoughts on “Resfeber

  1. At first, I thought to myself: Oh dear, she left her draft title up! haha..We learn everyday!

    This is a feeling I am all too familiar with. A mix of nervousness and excitement.. How do I get over it? I don’t! haha.. It stays with me until I return

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