Day Tripping: Awolowo Museum & PrivateBeach

The ResortIMG_20170408_131814

Hi lovers, I went day tripping to Awolowo museum and private beach this weekend. This is a combination of a museum and a beach-hence after now we call it the museum resort…lol.

It is situated in Ibeju Lekki area , Lekki town- not lekki phase 1 else you get missing..haha!. I went with my travel buddy-(will be intoduced later), when we arrived, it seemed like no one was around. It is such a serene environment and peaceful with the ocean breeze and waves displaying such beautiful picture across your mind.

What to expect; is a brief tour of the place and afterwards you can chill by the waterside and relax and of course take pictures. The house was built by a Portuguese slave trader -Mr Lecqi (later translated by us as Lekki)- you get the drift…He took ownership of the place until the British colonized Nigeria.

The first thing spotted is a big statue of Awolowo, framed newspapers of stories far back 1960, (you remember daily times newspaper), old brick walls with which the museum was originally built, Obafemi Awolowos’ wardrobe of his clothings, shoes and his famous round eye reading glasses(oh I wish I could just have one). He was a baffer jare…He was indeed a fashionable man, remains of his mattress when he was detained in 1962, his bathtub and toilet, a mini library with his books.IMG_20170408_132345

The old brick


Awolowo my friend
Awo wardrobe
I found my lost canoe…lol
Serene beach

The beach was surprisingly clean and very beautiful. It had little huts and a very cool pathway that you can take really cool pictures.

A plea to the management to please maintain this place, preserve the history and please the tour guides should also be experienced.

Iam planning a tour there very soon if you would be interested please kindly indicate interest. A prize will be given to the person who spots the pathway I talked about, so I guess you should try to be there.


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