Solo travel vs Group travel

Taking off on a journey alone or with a group of people-family, friends, co-workers, classmates etc. which is preferable?


I would not say one is better than the other but they all do have benefits of their own.

Solo travel is seeing the world alone-basically travelling alone by yourself while Group travelling is gathering a bunch of people to explore the world-it might be people of same interest or total strangers but you get to see the world with them-sharing a room, experiences and adventures together etc

I have always been a solo traveler –for most of my travels except when I go with family to occasions or family gatherings, because my family is not the type to go the villa during Christmas so for the most part I get to travel alone so I can tell you much about solo tripping.

Somewhere in Africa-Olumo rock

Nevertheless, this is not to say that I don’t like group travelling or having a companion to travel with. For the better part of my travels , I have travelled and done some crazy adventures with my travel buddy, but I’m one who can motivate myself alone and take calculated risk as well.

A million stairs

Solo travel allows me the freedom to express myself as I am not restricted and work with my pace as against group travel  where there is an itinerary and you have to stick to it-might me limiting to express yourself.

Solo travel allows me explore without the influence of another while group travelling –the votes of the majority counts.

You are more likely to be on a journey to self discovery when you are alone than when you are with a group of people.

Solo travelling allows you to take spontaneous decisions-like you can decide to spend the day doing nothing or hire a tour guide who takes you  on an adventure, hop around a museum, you can loll on a beach resort all day or even join a group of like minded strangers  for a task- I once followed a group of people I saw walking and I ended up seeing myself by the river side of a strange place –apparently they walk all the way down to board a ferry to cross to a magnificent island….that’s a major score for me…

Solo travel allows you to try something new, although quite expensive unlike when u have a partner to split bills such as tour guide fees, entrance fees, hotel bills etc.

Also, solo travel can be a bit hindering- like you have to find someone to take your pictures or do videos for you which can be frustrating sometimes unlike in group travelling-of course they are lots of people.

Benin  Republic

Solo travelling hinders your plan to make new  friends or network, but for the daring solo travelers we have mastered the art. Group travel is so easy to do so-infact it’s the reason for the season.

Although they are 2 major concerns for a solo traveller. First is safety: (im about to debunk that) at least most of my trips were solo and guess what im still alive- throw that fear in the gutters –get ready , wear your boots and plan that next trip. The fact is that there are countries that are safe to travel alone, find one and get going-knowledge is power, do a lot of research  and never go anywhere in ignorance. Google is indeed your friend or better still ask questions-you can never miss it.

Second concern is that: Is this place a friendly country? will I meet good people who will be willing to help me? The cure for this is to know the basics of a country you plan visiting- way of life, a bit on the culture, language(you must not know the language) English is universal-stick to it. Bottom line have enough knowledge at your finger tips. I always say to people the vibe you exude is what you receive- learn to be positive and you will receive positive feedbacks and vice versa.

Travel buddy and I

Individually I have tried solo travelling, enjoyed every bit and mastered the art, I have also tried travelling with a buddy which was fun because my travel buddy and I are in sync-it is important to find one or else your travel might end up been a frustrating one,I have also tried group tours which were also fun, but I would definitely like to try out group travelling.

Let me know your thoughts…





2 thoughts on “Solo travel vs Group travel

  1. I don’t think I’d enjoy solo traveling, it can be boring depending on the number of days you are gone for. On the contrary, I can travel in a group and then on one of the days, go out my myself.


    1. Hey…Good to hear your opinion. I like your own approach to it… Lol. Maybe I can get to try that, but I’m sure no group tour will allow you out on your own as they are accountable for your security. All the same… When you try it out.. Lets know how it goes… Cheers


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